Green And Clean - Sustainable Facilities

Nichols Green & Clean program is more than just products. It is a holistic approach to clean, healthy and productive facilities with less impact on the environment. It is about providing equitable solutions and sustainable answers to our customers. Nichols retains a sustainability specialist and is LEED EB O+M certified. Our sustainability focused programming can help your business identify areas for increased savings and environmental stewardship.

The Nichols Clean and Healthy program includes:

  • Building Assessments
  • Environmentally Preferable, Sustainable Cleaning Products
  • Recycling Assistance
  • Custodial and Building Occupant Training
  • Environmental Stewardship Teams
  • Green Cleaning Policies and Strategies to meet LEED EBOM Standards

View more information in our Sustainability section or click here for a printable Sustainability brochure for more information about how Nichols can work with your business to increase its sustainability and reduce its environmental impact.

Green Business Quarterly March / April 2010 - Nichols Paper Supply and Company [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.3 MB]

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