Primary Education

SC Johnson Professional fantastik MAX Power Cleaner

Fantastik MAX Power Cleaner
All-purpose problem solver that is specially formulated to dissolve grease, grime and dirt. 



Nichols High Performance Floor Finish
A floor finish that is able to provide diamond-like clarity and a brilliant gloss with extended wear properties like never before available in a single product. Cuts down on time and labor spent maintaining floors and their shine. 

Tennant i-Mop XL

Tennant i-Mop XL
The cleaning durability of your typical Tennant equipment with the easy maneuverability of the traditional mop and bucket. The Tennant i-Mop XL is designed to take floor cleanings to the next level.

tennant i-mop xl


  • K-12 Schools – Public & Private
  • Tech Schools


  • Education Specialist
  • Floor Care Specialist
  • Gym Floor Specialist
  • Sustainability Specialist


  • Janitorial and sanitation supplies
  • Floor care equipment
  • Paper products
  • Laundry and ware washing
  • Food service supplies
  • Safety supplies
  • Shipping supplies
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