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slim jim

Rubbermaid Slim Jim
Sleek and adaptable, the Slim Jim container is durable and designed to fit in most facilities. Available to order with different colored lids to transform the plain bin into a recycling station. This classic garbage can is built to last.

rubbermaid slim jim

clorox commercial solutions total 360 electrostatic sprayer

Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer
The Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer is designed to deliver superior surface coverage for healthier facilties. The technology charges, atomizes, and delivers a consistent wraparound coverage of the solution to all surfaces, even those hard to reach areas. Perfect anywhere illness causing germs can quickly spread!

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    dixie ultra tri tower dispenser

Georgia Pacific Dixie Ultra SmartStock Tri-Tower Dispenser
For use in cafeterias, auditoriums, and break rooms! This upright dispenser is designed to save space and time. The sleek nature allows it to free up counterspace, and with the user only interacting with the cutlery they're using, you waste less product.


  • K-12 Schools – Public & Private
  • Tech Schools


  • Education Specialist
  • Floor Care Specialist
  • Gym Floor Specialist
  • Sustainability Specialist


  • Janitorial and sanitation supplies
  • Floor care equipment
  • Paper products
  • Laundry and ware washing
  • Food service supplies
  • Safety supplies
  • Shipping supplies
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