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Nichols High Performance Floor Finish
A floor finish that is able to provide diamond-like clarity and a brilliant gloss with extended wear properties like never before available in a single product. Cuts down on time and labor spent maintaining floors and their shine. 

clorox commercial solutions total 360 electrostatic sprayer

Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer
The Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer is designed to deliver superior surface coverage for healthier facilties. The technology charges, atomizes, and delivers a consistent wraparound coverage of the solution to all surfaces, even those hard to reach areas. Perfect anywhere illness causing germs can quickly spread!

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Tennant i-Mop XL

Tennant i-Mop XL
The cleaning durability of your typical Tennant equipment with the easy maneuverability of the traditional mop and bucket. The Tennant i-Mop XL is designed to take floor cleanings to the next level.

tennant i-mop xl


  • K-12 Schools – Public & Private
  • Tech Schools


  • Education Specialist
  • Floor Care Specialist
  • Gym Floor Specialist
  • Sustainability Specialist


  • Janitorial and sanitation supplies
  • Floor care equipment
  • Paper products
  • Laundry and ware washing
  • Food service supplies
  • Safety supplies
  • Shipping supplies
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