Downy Fabric Softener Non Concentrate April Fresh 64oz (4 per case)

  • Fragrance: April Fresh
Downy Fabric Softener is formulated to keep clothes exceptionally soft, fresh and static-free. Relentless agitation, high-speed spinning and intense dryer heat can damage clothes at the fiber level. Downy helps strengthen fibers so your clothes maintain their original shape. Downy also smooths fibers, reducing the friction between them that causes them to break and lead to pilling and fuzz. When fibers break, they also cause colors to appear dull, so using Downy also helps keep your clothes from fading. Nonconcentrate fabric softener delivers 39 small loads.
  • Features
  • Protects against fabric stretching
  • Guards against fading
  • Helps keep fiber intact to reduce pills on fuzz
  • Fights static
  • Pleasing floral scent for clean-smelling clothes