Every facility can now afford the benefits of dilution control. A new dispenser that assures you 24/7/365 reliability. No service requirements increases productivity with no down time. No equipment to buy, so you can have more dispensers in your facility increasing effeciency by decreasing trips to the supply closet. Requires virtually no training. Use right out of the box, no product or metering devices to connect. Easy to understand control knob uses simple icons indicate different positions. Operating instructions enclosed in each case. Super-concentrated products deliver more gal. of RTU products than conventional packaging. Pre-installed metering ensures accuracy and eliminates over-use. Different fill rates, high flow for efficiency, low flow for low foam. Compact design makes transporting convenient and can be wall mounted with optional kits. The dispenser is a permanent part of the package, ensuring proper connection and no exposure to concentrate. No contact with concentrate package increases worker safety. Specially designed handle promotes proper use while decreasing chance of error while operating.