• Dual main brooms, dual side brooms, and a 26 inch wide sweeping path allow for picking up debris from fine sand to larger trash such as crumpled paper and empty plastic beverage bottles. • More productive, and much more effective, than standard push broom sweeping. • Dual side brooms sweep cleanly alongside baseboards and curbs, providing a clean sweep path. • Its quiet operation is ideal for noise-sensitive environments. • easy to operate and maintain. • The three-position folding handle can easily be adjusted for operator comfort. • When the handle is folded over the top of the machine, the machine can be stood upright, or even hung from the wall, to minimize its storage footprint and extend the life of the brooms. • The handle automatically locks the debris hopper in place to prevent accidental dumping during storage. • Ideal for a wide variety of hard surfaces, both indoor and out, providing efficient and effective sweeping results.