Scott® Pro High Capacity Coreless SRB Tissue Dispenser

KYC44519 MFG #: 44519
  • Color: Faux Stainless
  • Core: Coreless
The first single-roll bathroom tissue dispenser in the MOD* line; this dispenser is more compact than leading high capacity SRB systems. Made of durable plastic and holding 4 rolls of Scott® or Cottonelle® coreless bathroom tissue; and Scott® ® Small Core; this dispenser offers higher capacity over competing systems and comes with the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Lifetime Warranty. Designed to deliver an exceptional experience as well as provide consumption control in high traffic facilities; the dispenser features include “H” mandrel to easily advance from one roll to avoid outages. Manually operated the dispenser offers a key or keyless option and when installed properly; this dispenser meets ADA Standard 28 CFR; Part 36; local rules may vary.