Touch Free AutoFlush Clamp Retrofit Solution, Polished Chrome


1- EASY INSTALLATION: Automate an existing manual flushing system in minutes, without shutting off water.

2- SMART DESIGN: Combines an angled lens design with advanced sensor technology that activates even when the toilet seat is raised

3- DRY CAM-GEAR TECHNOLOGY:  Patented technology controls the water flow, ensures 
worry-free operation, and eliminates solenoid valves to prevent costly repairs

4- LONG BATTERY LIFE:  Lasts more than three years or up to 100,000 flushes for Sidemount or up to 60,000 flushes for Clamp- Four C batteries included

5- COURTESY FLUSH BUTTON:  Allows fixture to be flushed easily when needed

6- 24 HOUR COURTESY FLUSH: Ensures fixture is flushed at least one time