Introducing the Victoria Bay VB10 and Purell ES10 Dispensers

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Less maintenance, less waste, and more ways to impress - all through the power of Purell!



Never Change Batteries
No more changing or buying batteries thanks to a fresh battery built-in to every refill. This Energy-on-the-Refill technology is an industry-exclusive that helps reduce maintenance and downtime.

Just One Look
Who wants to waste time opening dispenser cabinets and peeking into tiny sight windows? These dispensers feature large, beautiful transparent refills so product levels can be checked with just a glance.

Less Waste
30% less plastic and a 38% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per refill, plus a simple to separate AA battery and improved recyclability means a significant reduction in battery and product waste.

Work Smarter
The Purell Dispenser Advisor app offers a data-driven approach to help you manage multiple dispensers. It features industry-leading technology that learns dispenser usage patterns and tells you where to go and when to change the refill. This exclusive app is complimentary with all Purell ES10 Touch-Free Dispensers and Victoria Bay VB10 Dispensers.

More Ways to Impress

  • Exceptionally quiet dispensing
  • Premium high-quality foam
  • Fits in tight spaces


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