Our Sustainability Journey

We have a strong commitment to sustainability. Our commitment is to focus on the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business and to engage our associates, suppliers and customers to develop sustainable business practices that meet the needs of today without compromising future generations. We pledge to:

  • Promote environmental stewardship.
  • Identify opportunities to continuously improve our operational performance as well as assist our suppliers and customers in doing the same.
  • Benchmark our operational performance, set targets for improvement, conduct audits, track metrics and report annual environmental performance.
  • Proactively seek innovative solutions, and new technologies and products to meet or exceed our sustainability standards.
  • Educate all of our partners in maintaining clean and healthy facilities while meeting sustainability standards.
  • Ensure the safe shipment of products for our customers while identifying innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Obtain and maintain LEED O+M certification for our corporate offices.
  • Provide strategic support to the sustainability of our communities through donated time and funding.

Why LEED EB O + M?  LEED which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a product of the U.S. Green Building Council. There are several LEED certifications for new construction and major renovations however we chose to pursue LEED for Existing Buildings Operation and Maintenance.

LEED O+M is the tool for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing commercial and institutional buildings. The certification system identifies and rewards current best practices and provides an outline for buildings to use less energy, water and natural resources; improve the indoor environment; and uncover operating inefficiencies. We achieved LEED EB O+M Version 2.0 Gold in June of 2010 and recertification under LEED O+M Version 4.0 in 2015. Our LEED O+M V4.1 recertification was achieved in April 2021.