Equipment Service & Repair 

At Imperial Dade, we don't just sell and service equipment. Our commitment to providing comprehensive cleaning and packaging equipment services goes beyond routine maintenance and repairs. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your valuable assets.


Key Cleaning Equipment Services: 

Operator Procedure and Preventative Care Training: Empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and care for equipment effectively. Our operator procedure and preventative care training programs are designed to enhance operator proficiency and reduce the risk of equipment misuse. 

Facility Assessments: Gain valuable insights into the state of your facilities with our thorough facility assessments. By understanding the unique needs of your facility, we can tailor our services to address specific challenges and contribute to overall operational efficiency.

Budget and Return on Investment Consultation: Navigating budget constraints while maximizing the return on your equipment investment is crucial for success. We work collaboratively to develop cost-effective strategies that align with your financial goals and operational requirements.

Fleet Life Cycle Programs: Managing a fleet of equipment requires a strategic approach to ensure longevity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Our fleet life cycle programs are designed to optimize the management of your equipment fleet from acquisition to disposal.

Environmental Compliance: We understand the importance of environmental responsibility. We prioritize solutions that align with environmental standards, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.




Key Packaging Equipment Services:

Custom Packaging Solutions: Experience packaging tailored to your unique requirements. Our custom packaging solutions are designed to optimize the storage, protection, and presentation of your products. We work closely with you to create packaging that aligns perfectly with your brand identity. 

Reduce Labor and Material Costs: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in packaging operations. Our solutions are designed to streamline processes, reduce labor requirements, and optimize material usage. By implementing efficient practices, we help you minimize costs without compromising on the quality of service. 

Budget and Return on Investment Consultation: Navigate the complexities of budgeting for packaging equipment with our experts. We provide insights into cost-effective solutions, helping you make informed decisions that contribute to a positive return on investment.

Increase Production Capacity and Speed: Boost your packaging operations with increased production capacity and speed. Whether you're dealing with high-volume demands or looking to improve turnaround times, we have solutions to accelerate your packaging processes.

Equipment and Preventative Maintenance Training: Empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain packaging equipment effectively. Well-trained staff ensures that your equipment operates at peak performance, reducing downtime and prolonging the life of your machinery.



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