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The Value of Clean Webinar - Episode 5: Spotless Hospitality

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Discover the secrets to elevating guest experiences through impeccable cleanliness in our webinar, "Spotless Hospitality: Polishing the Guest Experience."

This session dives into creating consistent cleaning programs across all hotel areas, enhancing guest perceptions through sensory cleanliness, and implementing deep sanitization practices. Join us to transform your hospitality environment into a spotless, welcoming space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests!

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HyProtection Zone Program 101: Enhance Your Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols

Are your staff members trained on the most up-to-date best cleaning practices? Do you need help finding the most efficient means of cleaning your facility? Imperial Dade’s HyProtection Zone Program is designed to help you answer these questions and more.


Easy Solutions to Enhance Your School Floor Care Program

Did you know that 78% of students believe that a lack of cleanliness in their schools negatively impacts their health? Maintaining a clean school is vital to the well-being of students, teachers, and staff. A big part of maintaining a clean school is having a comprehensive floor care program.


How to Use a Pressure Washer in 9 Steps (+ 5 Best Practices)

Did you recently purchase a pressure washer? Or maybe you already had one, and it’s just been a while since you operated it? Don’t worry. This article will guide you through properly operating a pressure washer.


How to Fix a Slow Draining Grease Trap

There are a million different issues that can cause a commercial kitchen to halt service. You probably wouldn’t expect slow drains to be near the top of the list, but slow drainage can lead to some significant problems.