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Indianapolis Janitorial Supply & Equipment Show

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Roncalli High School

Are you interested in learning about the latest innovations in janitorial equipment and floor care offered by our manufacturers? Then you won’t want to miss our Indianapolis Janitorial Supply & Equipment Show.

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Environmental Service Program 101: Create a Safe and Cost-Effective Chemical Program

For those who manage or are a part of a commercial cleaning team, understanding the nuances of selecting and utilizing chemicals is not just a matter of cleanliness; it’s a critical component for maintaining safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. From avoiding potential personnel and guest injuries to ensuring optimal cleaning outcomes, the meticulous choice and proper application of cleaning agents are paramount.


Greensafe Program 101: Create a Sustainability Program with Ease

Do you need help determining what you need to reach your sustainability program goals? Imperial Dade’s Greensafe Program makes going green easy! Industry experts created the Greensafe Program to help your facility develop its sustainability program. The program starts with a thorough assessment of your facility’s current products and needs before recommending green products and tools that will meet both your current needs and your sustainability program goals. Read on to learn more about the Greensafe program and how it can help make going green easy.


HyProtection Zone Program 101: Enhance Your Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols

Are your staff members trained on the most up-to-date best cleaning practices? Do you need help finding the most efficient means of cleaning your facility? Imperial Dade’s HyProtection Zone Program is designed to help you answer these questions and more.


Easy Solutions to Enhance Your School Floor Care Program

Did you know that 78% of students believe that a lack of cleanliness in their schools negatively impacts their health? Maintaining a clean school is vital to the well-being of students, teachers, and staff. A big part of maintaining a clean school is having a comprehensive floor care program.