Thanksgiving Blog

Nichols Wishes You a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather Tejchma, Marketing Manager 11/23/2021

Over the upcoming holiday, many Americans will travel, cook, watch football, enjoy time with family and of course share their gratitude.  

At Nichols we are thankful for our customers, vendors, partners and associates all year long and we want to show extra appreciation this time of year. 

Paper Remains A Top Pick For Recyclable Packaging

Sealed Air 11/16/2021
Paper is a sturdy, ecological packaging material. When used as void fill, paper is a recyclable replacement for foam packing peanuts. When used as a cushioning agent, paper can provide blocking and bracing protection as well as expanded polystyrene foam, which is not recyclable.

Paper is stronger than you might think. Employing the engineering of Sealed Air’s systems, which crimp and create multi-ply solutions, paper has the power to protect heavy-duty products such as mechanica...

Bouncing Back After COVID Outbreaks at School

Gojo 11/2/2021

With trusted organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics advocating for in-person learningthis school year, keeping schools open and safe for students and staff is a top priority. Unfortunately, no matter how good your school's infection prevention strategy and how many mitigation layers it contains, COVID-19 outbreaks and school closures are on the rise, with schools across the country temporarily shutting down as infection rates ...

Textbook Cleaning & The Value of Healthy Schools

Diversey 10/26/2021

It is logical that the cleaner a school is, the healthier its students will be; harmful microbes thrive on frequently touched surfaces like dirty desks and doorknobs. As a result, poorly maintained schools lead to more sick students staying home, putting districts at risk of losing attendance-based state and federal funding. Studies have also shown something less obvious: Students in cleaner schools Read More

What is the “New Normal" of Cleaning & Disinfecting?

CloroxPro 10/12/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of measures to prevent the spread of respiratory illness causing germs. Research shows that more than 50% of consumers believe that increased cleaning and disinfecting in businesses and public spaces is a permanent shift.1 Whether dining at a restaurant, taking public transit or sending children to school, people need to feel confident that public and shared spaces are safe. We now have an opportunity to use the learnings from the pandemic to establish a “NEW normal” where we all can thrive.