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Celebrate Memorial Day

Val Mingus 5/24/2022

While having the day off of work on Monday may seem like a treat in itself, don’t forget the real reason behind celebrating this Memorial Day. This holiday is here to honor those in uniform who fought for our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Offer thanks to the people who have served, and treat everyone with kindness this holiday weekend.

Water-Activated Tape Dispensers

Dawson Gusey, Marketing Coordinator 5/16/2022

Also commonly referred to as gummed paper tape, gum tape, or kraft paper tape, water-activated tape bonds instantly with virgin and recycled fiber boxes and cartons—generating an immediate tamper-evident seal and welding the tape to the box or carton. Water-activated tape can be made of either fiberglass reinforced paper or unreinforced paper, both of which are certified recyclable by Western Michigan University’s OCC testing standards It was also Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze...

No-Burnish, No-Stripping Floor Care

Dawson Gusey, Marketing Coordinator 5/10/2022
It can take a lot of time, money, and product to keep a floor in good shape. In many cases, multiple products and processes are required for complete floor care. What if there was a system that not only cleaned your floor, but also maintained its shine all in one fell swoop? Fortunately, there are solutions that do just that, including SC Johnson’s EZ Care Floor Care System and Read More

Maximize Your End of School Year Cleaning Budget

Dawson Gusey, Marketing Coordinator 4/12/2022

It’s that time of the year again. School is almost out for the summer, but you’ve still got a substantial portion of your cleaning budget that still needs to be spent. After all, if you don’t spend it, you’ll lose it! No need to worry; Nichols is Here to Help! Here are some tips on how your budget can be used effectively at the end of the school year:


Still Cleaning for Health, but Better

Lori Strazdas, CloroxPro 4/5/2022
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that germs existed before COVID-19. I assure you they did, but the truth is the pandemic has become a catalyst in all our lives that sparked an immediate reverence and awareness about the importance of cleaning for health. With that came an acute mindfulness of the critical role that commercial cleaners play in helping to prevent the spread of germs in shared and public spaces.