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Tis the Season: For Reporting

Renae Hesselink, LEED AP BD+C, Vice President of Sustainability 1/31/2023
And you thought that “Tis the Season” only applied to holidays, NOT!  In talking with many of my sustainability colleagues the first three months of the year they spend their time collecting data to be able to analyze and measure their progress against their goals of achieving a reduction in their carbon footprint.  This data may eventually be disclosed and published in an annual ESG/Impact/Sustainability report. 

What does Matting say about your Facility?

Megan Thompson, Marketing Specialist 1/18/2023

Let’s think like a detective for a second. When you arrive at a business, what is one of the first indicators that a company cares about its occupants? Matting! When you walk up to the building and see a nice Scraper mat outside the entry, it’s likely that it will be followed by two more commercial mats as you walk through the doors. 

Green Cleaning Solutions

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 1/17/2023

As the new year starts and our holiday time off ends, we are back to connecting with our peers and coworkers in confined areas. The expectations for hygiene in public spaces have significantly increased, and rightfully so. Everyone deserves to feel safe and healthy when returning to work. But when we read the warning labels on our cleaning supplies, are we truly understanding what they’re telling us or the chemicals that are being used? As we begin to tackle our cleaning lists head on, ...

January Hand Hygiene Flyer

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 1/17/2023
Now that the holidays are over and we're returning to work, it's important to continue protecting ourselves from germs and bacteria. No matter how you go about it, keeping your hands clean should be a top priority! Check out these products that are sure to wash those germs away....

Clean Up Your Mindset For 2023

Val Mingus, Product Marketing Coordinator 12/27/2022

As we wrap up our holiday traditions and celebrations, we begin to prepare for the new year ahead. It isn’t uncommon to come up with resolutions to try and improve ourselves both mentally and physically. While turning over a new leaf for the sake of our health sounds like a good idea, more often than not we set unrealistic goals for the new year and feel defeated come December when the resolutions are incomplete. This year, try putting together a list of ways you can improve your mindse...