Winter Floorcare (Prevention & Protection)

As the weather gets colder, the ground fWinter Floorcare Prevention & Protectionreezes over and the first snow falls, the winter months can be hazardous when snow, slush, and ice get tracked indoors. Day-to-day foot traffic can cause a lot of damage to your facilities floors, if you have not taken the proper precautions and your floors are not maintained. With proper prevention, protection, matting, and maintenance you can avoid both injuries and permanently damaging your floor.


Harsh winter snow and ice can come when you are least expecting it. It could be bright and sunny one day, and the next there is heavy winds and inches of snow on the ground. Which is why it is important to make sure you are prepared for when the winter weather comes. One way to be proactive in protecting your floors is to give your floor a coating or sealant to reduce daily wear and tear and help protect your floor from extreme weather.

Another great way to prevent your floors from damage is by placing high-quality mats at all the entrances of your facility. The right matting improves the traction of your floors, especially if they are wet from snow and ice, keeping your patrons safe from the risk of slipping and falling. Mats will not only protect those that enter your facility, but they will also protect your floors by trapping dirt, ice melt, salt residue and moisture that is brought indoors. It is ideal to clean your entryway mats regularly to maintain their effectiveness throughout the winter months.


Ice melt is another great way to keep the sidewalks and areas outside your facility safe and protect your guests from the risk of falling. One thing to consider when it comes to ice melt, is ordering early to ensure you have the products you need prior to winter. It is also important to consider the temperature rating of the ice melt you are using. Different ice melts have been produced to melt ice and work different at various temperatures. When purchasing ice melt, be sure to check the product labels to ensure your ice melt will work effectively at a temperature you need. Ice melt, although beneficial against icy ground, can severely damage your floors when drug inside on the shoes of those entering your facility. It is important to routinely clean the salt and ice melt from your floors to prevent your floors from severe damage. Using a neutral floor cleaner can also help aid in the process of cleaning and removing the salt from your floors.

A second way to protect your facility and patrons during the winter months is by cleaning and mopping your floors daily. Debris buildup happens quickly and can make your floors very slippery, even if you have already taken the correct precautions such as installing entryway matting. During the colder months, you should inspect your floors daily to determine if they need cleaning. This simple task protects those entering your facility and protects your floors from layers of debris and dirt buildup.

Although snow can bring beautiful winter wonderlands, it’s important to remember the ways in which you can protect your guests as well as your facility during the harsh weather. Contact your local Sales Representative or visit to learn more about the products we offer that can keep your facility safe and clean this winter.