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Unger ZoneCleanRX

The ZoneCleanRx™ janitorial cart streamlines cleaning tasks with its integrated tools and secure EZClip™ system. Compatible with Unger Mopping Systems, it facilitates efficient SpeedClean for various surfaces. Its large vinyl bag simplifies trash disposal, while three shelves provide ample storage. Ergonomic features like the telescopic dustpan, extendable duster, and NiftyNabber enhance usability. With smooth, durable casters, this cart offers lasting performance as a high-quality cleaning solution.

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Unger DeepCleanRX

The DeepCleanRx™ janitorial cart streamlines end-of-day deep cleaning with its EZClip™ system, accommodating Unger Excella and Stingray tools for a complete setup. It includes the OmniClean dual bucket flat mop and Stingray® for efficient floor and surface cleaning. With a large vinyl bag for trash disposal, three shelves for storage, and ergonomic tools, it ensures thorough cleaning and lasting quality.

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Unger SpotCleanRX

SpotCleanRx™ janitorial cart is tailored for quick spills and surface cleaning in lighter duty environments like office cubicles and cafes. Equipped with an EZClip™ system, it securely holds tools, including Unger Excella® microfiber mop and SpeedClean for windows and table surfaces. With a large vinyl bag, ergonomic tools, and durable casters, it ensures efficient cleaning and lasting quality.

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