06397 .5X10Yd Acrylic+ Hi Bond Tape Black 12/Case

MMM06397 MFG #: 7000126192
3M(TM) Acrylic Plus High-Bond Tape 06397 features two adhesives, one on each side of a strong, conformable 1.52 mm closed-cell acrylic foam core. Our liner-side adhesive is formulated for bonding to automotive paint systems, and the non-liner-side bonds to metals and plastics used in automotive components. Both adhesives deliver excellent initial tack and adhesive build. Acrylic Plus High-Bond Tapes are OEM approved and are stronger, higher performing, high stress handling products than other automotive attachment tapes. 06397 is characterized by good peel and shear adhesion to most automotive surfaces, with good internal strength and high conformability. Application uses are attachment of rocker panel moldings, large claddings, spoilers and bug deflectors. 3M(TM) Adhesion Promoter 06396 is recommended for use in conjunction of Automotive Attachment Tape 06397 for optimum tape-to-part adhesion on parts made of plastic materials such as TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC + ABS, etc.