MMM08061 MFG #: 7000045518
Strong, quick-drying adhesive can be used for bonding plastic or metal emblems, interior rigid plastic, tail light lenses, vinyl side moldings or upholstery Full Description: Strong Gripping Power with Resistance 3M™ Plastic and Emblem Adhesiveis asolvent-based adhesive that resists environmental exposure such as water and heat to maintain a solid bond. Made to dry clear, the adhesive can be used to bond transparent or translucent plastics(See packaging before use.) Easy to Use, Quick Acting Our adhesive is easily applied directly to surfaces from the tube. This single-component trim adhesive is ready to use without any mixing. Simply apply to a clean surface and then let dry. A quick-acting formula, this adhesive has a working time of approximately 10 to 30 seconds, sets in approximately 15 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours. The fast-acting formula is perfect for affixing trim. A Strong Bond on Challenging Surfaces Applying metal and plastic emblems and trim requires an adhesive that creates a permanent bond that won’t loosen over time. Our adhesive is made to create permanent adhesion between dissimilar and non-porous materials such as plastic and fully cured painted automotive surfaces, making it a popular choice for affixing emblems and trim on vehicles.