2.5X2.5X36 .225 Cornerboard White 1320/Skid

Cornerboard is manufactured with multiple layers of paperboard, laminated with glue and formed into a rigid right angle, providing exceptional strength for load stability and packaging protection. Manufactured on a made-to-order basis, Cornerboard is available in a variety of lengths, leg-sizes and thickness. Every time product is handled, it s at risk of incurring damage. Cornerboard, used in conjunction with strapping or stretch film, helps create a tight, secure shipping cube to contain the load and prevent damage from shifting during shipping and handling. Benefits of Cornerboard More product can be packaged per pallet, reducing handling and shipping costs Load damage is minimized, improving customer satisfaction Load unitization reduces pilferage Facilitates higher applied tension for superior load stability Loads can be stacked higher, maximizing warehouse space Reduces indentation caused by strapping Improves profits by reducing customer rejection rates Withstands moisture to protect products in adverse conditions Readily accepts nails, staples and screws Made of recycled materials, so Cornerboard is environment-friendly. Sturdy construction enables Cornerboard to be reused