CSP4188100 MFG #: 4188100
Features The unique Omni Sweep® combines the features of fine, medium, and heavy floor sweeps into one convenient floor sweep. patent-pending design and chemical-resistant bristles remove everything from heavy debris to the finest particles on any type of floor surface synthetic bristles have an angled pitch for fast, effective sweeping on all types of floor surfaces short, heavy bristles in front easily sweep up heavy debris long, fine/medium bristles in back sweep fine dust and particles; can be used with sweeping compounds available with hygienic plastic block or Anchor™ hardwood block with durable Anchor™ clamp hygienic plastic block has threaded handle hole to accommodate all types of threaded handles; can be integrated into a HACCP compliant program by utilizing the Sparta® Spectrum® Self-Locking Flex-Tip® Fiberglass Handle (40225), sold separately Anchor™ style block makes the Omni Sweep® the toughest floor sweep on the market today; exclusive Carlisle Anchor™ clamp attaches firmly onto handle to increase stability Anchor™ Style hardwood block requires 60" Anchor™ Hardwood Handle (45270), sold separately