3M™ Easy Trap™ Duster Sweep & Dust Sheets, 5 in x 6 in, 60 Sheets/Roll, 8 Rolls/Case

MMM85922 MFG #: 7100081547
  • Size: 5x6
Sweep & dust sheets trap dirt, hair, sand and dust
  • Features
  • Patented technology traps up to 8 X more dirt, dust and sand that conventional flat fringed cotton dust mops or a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand
  • Has the power to trap more hair than traditional dust mops and a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand
  • No special tool required. Use on existing floor tool or high duster.
  • Glides through and traps hair even on wet surfaces.
  • Convenient disposable sheets, no laundering required.
  • Ideal for picking up glitter and other small particles.
  • After one side is used, flip it over and use the other side.
  • Sheets are made with a minimum of 60% recycled content.
  • Packaging is made from a minimum 65% total recyled content. A minimum 35% of the total recycled content comes from post-consumer waste.
  • Patent: 3M.com/Patents (Product ID: Easy Trap)