41X42.5 1MIL Roll Liner Black 55 Gal 25/Roll (4/Case)

  • Capacity: 55 Gallon
  • Color: Black
  • Gauge: 1.00 Mil
  • Size: 41X42.5
Item Mil Capacity Width Length Color Bags/Roll Rolls/Case Case Wt. ITGDT55GALK 1 55 Gal 40.5 42.5 Black 25 4 12.5 Drawtuff® Linear Low Density Can Liners has more tear resistant than High Density and Linear Low Density Can Liners of the same thickness. Our film is co-extruded with three layers instead of mono-layer of the typical linear low density liners. Our natural and white-pigmented bags are made from FDA-approved 100% prime resin raw material for superior quality and strength. With HDPE Bi-Fold drawtape, Drawtuff® has more loading capacity than the regular starseal, gusseted, tomato sealed liners. Co-Extruded Film three layers of Linear Low Density films laminated together for even better quality and strength. INTERLEAVED Coreless Roll 98% of our can liners are rolled in groups of number bags per roll. End user can easily dispensing individual liners without tearing. Gauges of 2.5 mil or higher will be perforated. Interleaved for easy dispensing Liners release effortlessly without having to search for perforation Leaving the next liner ready to use. Straight seal along two sides of a can liner. The sides are welded to prevent leakage with no seal on the bottom. White Clamshell Box with perforation for easy dispensing