Tennant 1023399 - Blade, Squeegee, Rear, 105Cml [80Cm]

AMV1023399 MFG #: TNN1023399
  • Manufacture Type: Aftermarket

Best all-around blade. Best choice in applications where the floor is uneven or there is an oily environment. General recommended maintenance item.

Tennant 1023399 Red Rear Squeegee Blade 

Product Specifications: 
Red Rear Squeegee Blade | 13 Mounting Holes | Blade Dimensions 50 1/2" x 2" x 3/16" | 32" Rear Squeegee Assembly


A5 Automatic Floor Scrubber

Speed Scrub 24 Automatic Floor Scrubber

Speed Scrub 32 Automatic Floor Scrubber

T5 Automatic Floor Scrubber

T5e Automatic Floor Scrubber


Equivalent products: 
Tennant 1025344 - Gum Rubber Rear Squeegee Blade best for water collection on smooth or tiled floors, not for oily environments

Tennant 1025346 - Polyurethane Rear Squeegee Blade - Highly chemical resistant and work especially well in industrial environments where there are rough or oily floors