Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer Doser 32oz (6/Case)

MMM84682 MFG #: 7100236082
  • Color: White
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • pH: 10.6 - 11.3
The 3M™ Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer, intended for daily use, repairs fine scratches while providing superior cleaning efficiency, requiring less burnishing to maintain shine, thus extending life of protective floor coating. Usage of this product reduces frequency of required floor restoration.
  • Features
  • Intended to be used daily in autoscrubber (or mopping tools)
  • Superior cleaning efficiency with unique restoring capabilities, a 2-in-1 product.
  • Best results when used with Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Floor Pads
  • Simple to use & Low Foam
  • Fragrance and preservative free
  • Available in chemical management and bulk containers for ease of use/dilution