Comet Disinfectant-Sanitizer Bathroom Closed Loop 3GL/CS

PGD20542 MFG #: 20542
  • Color: Clear
  • Fragrance: Scented
  • pH: 3.0
Powers away soap scum and hard water without scrubbing. Disinfects, eliminating the need for multiple cleaners when used as directed. . Citric acid active ingredient system. Phosphate-free. Can be used as a 5x concentrate sanitizer to minimize product use. Available in "Closed loop" packaging to help prevent spills, accidental contact and overuse. Meets the California Code of Regulations maximum allowable volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels. Fragrance follows the Code of Practice of the International Fragrance Association. Training on the proper use of product is available. Comet is participating in the DfE pilot program for green disinfectants