ITP1401 MFG #: 1401-50
  • Color: Red
  • Fragrance: Cherry
"Perception is everything"... this couldn't be more true when it comes to cleaning and odor control. If the restroom doesn't smell clean, the customer won't perceive it as clean, and that can affect business right down to the bottom line. Impact is your "systems approach" to odor control, offering several products to combat odor problems. Patented deodorizing urinal screens have tapered drain holes to prevent splash back and elevated risers on the bottom for proper flushing action. A variety of fragrances in the 1400 & 1450 series urinal screens have built-in germ-fighting ingredients to help combat odors at their source. Patented elevated risers on bottom Patented tapered drain holes help prevent splash-back Long lasting fragrance 30-45 days 100% virgin vinyl Flexible vinyl to fit all urinals Built-in, germ-fighting ingredients One size fits most urinals