Procter and Gamble

Dawn Dish Power Dissolver 32 OZ, 6/CS

PGD56037 MFG #: 56037
Dawn Power Dissolver is a unique product that quickly penetrates tough burnt on or baked on soils, such as grease, making them easier to remove without scrubbing. Product Features. 32 oz. spray bottle. no scrubbing required. ideal for use on baked on/burnt on soils such as grease. treated items can also be put into the dishwasher without wiping or rinsing. the product is designed with a thickner that allows for it stay in place once the user has sprayed it on (ex. side panels of fryers). pre-treat your toughest pots and pans (10-15 minutes) and wipe the grease away. for tough items soak up to 30 minutes