Georgia Pacific Professional

GP PRO Pacific Blue Ultra Big Fold Z® Premium Paper Towels White 220/Pack (10 per case)

  • Color: White
  • Fold: Z-Fold
  • Ply: 1-Ply
Premium towels with a new emboss that fits into existing C-fold and multifold dispensers (with no adaptors required) to provide a premium, cost-saving C-fold substitute. Unique fold allows for reliable, one-at-a-time touchless dispensing which reduces the number of towels used as well as the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Features
  • 40% more BigFold towels than C-Fold towels fit in a dispenser, requiring fewer refills
  • Dispenses a large, fully-opened, absorbent towel, one at a time, up to 50% larger than C-Fold
  • High quality emboss and guaranteed satisfaction* for your customers, employees and you!
  • Interfold design cannot be loaded incorrectly to prevent mis-feeds and reduce maintenance time
  • No cost to convert -Fits standard C-Fold and Combination C-Fold Multifold dispensers without adapters or alteration
  • Unique fold allows towel to be pulled without touching dispenser, reducing risk of cross contamination
  • The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified sourcing label is proof Georgia-Pacific is using fiber from responsible and legal sources. SFI® is a registered trademark owned by Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc.