J612RS Compact Booster Heater Hubbell, 6 Gallon

Ideal for providing 180 degrees Fahrenheit in your commercial kitchen environment, this Hubbell J612R 6 gal. compact booster water heater is the perfect solution to ensuring that your kitchen tools, china, glassware, and more are safe and sanitary after washing! The all stainless steel tank construction does not require an internal lining and this item is certified to have a low lead content to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. The tank's ASME stamped construction allows for an extended tank life to make sure that your booster heater will last for as long as possible, preventing downtime and extra expenditures down the line. In addition, the stainless steel exterior jacket and base keep this booster heater protected and free from corrosion. The advanced design of the electronic temperature control and digital display allows you to easily confirm proper operation and temperature settings with just a glance! The visual indicator of exact set point temperatures and conditions lets you instantly see that your booster heater is working properly and heating water to the correct temperatures.