1.5X2.5X48 .225 VBOARD KRAFT 1560/SK

LAM152548225 MFG #: 0

Whether shipping palletized loads through traditional distribution methods or individual units via e-commerce, VBoard® offers versatility and adaptability unmatched by other packaging systems. This solution provides the precise amount of edge and corner protection you need, keeping your products safe and reducing your material costs.

  • Stabilization: With these protectors, you can stabilize bulk loads for the long haul. When you need to transport stacks of boxes and packages, VBoard provides the stabilization they need to stay sturdy and upright in every shipment vehicle.
  • Stacking ease: Reinforcing your packages with VBoard enables your boxes to stay uniform with evenly distributed weight. These characteristics make packages easier to stack in the warehouse and lead to more efficient use of space.
  • Reinforcement: Make your e-commerce boxes stronger with VBoard along the inside or outside of the box. When your recipients receive a box free from dents and tears, they will know they can trust your brand.
  • No bulk: VBoard is durable, yet lightweight. Enjoy the benefits of a sturdy parcel without the bulk of bigger boxes and complex inserts.
  • Reduced materials: With the stability that VBoard offers, you won’t need to spend as much on extra materials for packaging or replacing damaged products, saving you money in the long term.
  • Customization: With custom printing options, your edge protection can accomplish actions like representing your brand and sharing handling instructions.