Orange Rush Natural Solvent Degreaser 5GL/PL

NIC363-5 MFG #: 119826
  • Fragrance: Orange
This product provides a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to d-Limonene. Composed of a blend of bio-based solvents, it is produced from renewable resources, contains a pleasant citrus odor and has been formulated to provide the same emulsification power as d-Limonene based alternatives. A highly concentrated natural terpene solvent cleaner, degreaser, deodorant, de-scaler, and de-clogger. May be used on sinks, toilets, fiberglass, machinery, tools, grills, ceramic tiles, concrete, graffiti, dumpsters, grease traps, all metals, and much more. It rapidly penetrates and dissolves the toughest deposits of grease, grime, dirt, tar, inks, paint, adhesives, and oil residues. It may be used as is or diluted for light duty cleaning.