SaniPod™ Pod™ Petite Manual

GSM22001 MFG #: 22001

The SaniPod™ Pod™ Petite Manual is a stylish solution to the sensitive problem of sanitary product disposal.  8 out of 10 women refuse to dispose of their sanitary waste in any unit that is offensive to them.  Many sanitary bins are a hotspot for blood-borne bacteria and pathogens -- and when they look unhygienic, expensive plumbing call-outs are often the result.  Overflow, odor, trapped waste, and having to touch anywhere near the opening are all critical factors -- and all are a common sight in female restrooms. The SaniPod™ Pod™ Petite Manual is ideal for small washrooms or those with frequent servicing requirements.  It is designed for efficient, simple and safe servicing.  It features a convenient lifting ring, removing all need for any contact with the opening.  There is no line of sight into the unit, it is a clean process both physically and visually.  The unique liner cassette protects cleaning personnel throughout the servicing process.  This unit will hold approximately 220 tampons or approximately 40 pads

  • Features

8 Reasons Why Sanipod is the World's Best Disposal System

  1. Contemporary – slim-line form complements all washroom decor.
  2. Unique opening – simplifies the disposal process, while minimising sight into the unit and discouraging disposal of general rubbish.
  3. No modesty tray – eliminates unsightly surfaces and potential trapping of sanitary waste.
  4. Compact wall-mounted design – maximises utilisation of washroom space, and is easy to clean around and under.
  5. Ergonomically accessible – from both standing and sitting positions.
  6. Discreet locking mechanism – minimises tampering and potential spillages in cubicles.
  7. No harmful sharp edges, no exposure to waste – protects cleaners during servicing.
  8. No more toilet blockages – or expensive plumbing call outs.