Premira Microfiber Wiper 12X13 Quarter Fold 50/Pack (12/Case)

  • Color: White
  • Fold: Multi-Fold
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Size: 12x13

Not all single-use microfiber is created equal. Some make you work extra hard and don’t clean as well. Contec® PREMIRA® Disposable Microfiber Pads & Wipes make effective cleaning a breeze.

Eliminate cross-contamination caused by using laundered microfiber cleaning towels and rags with PREMIRA® disposable microfiber wipes and hand pads. PREMIRA's disposable microfiber cloths are 100% synthetic and ideal for single-use. Our microfiber wipes can be used wet or dry, with the cleaner of disinfectant of your choice. Bleach-safe microfiber will not neutralize quat or peroxide based disinfectants. Designed to increase staff efficiency, use a new pad or wipe for each application and dispose of it afterward.  Quickly remove dust, debris, and residue without the risk of cross-contamination.