Scott Roll Towel MOD White 1150' (6 per case)

KYC25703 MFG #: 25703
  • Color: White
  • Core: Proprietary
  • Roll Length: 1150'
You can trust Scott Hard Roll Paper Towels, with fast-drying Absorbency Pockets, to provide efficient, reliable hand-drying for your washroom or break room. These paper towels are exclusively compatible with the MOD Dispenser system (grey cores), which can adapt to suit your needs. These dispensers have internal modules that can plug and play to give you the flexibility to build a dispenser customized to meet your requirements. Plus, the fast-drying Absorbency Pockets mean that users will need fewer towels to dry their hands. The result? More towels left in the dispenser, more times between refills and less paper waste. Drying is one of the most important steps in the hand washing process, and how you dry matters. Providing high-quality Scott Hard Roll commercial paper towels to your guests, clients and employees is one important piece of the workplace hygiene puzzle.The MOD* Dispenser System delivers one of the highest capacity towels around with 1,150’ feet of Scott® Hard Roll Towels. It also includes a stub roll feature that reduces waste and cost, that means fewer change outs and more satisfied users. These towels are designed with patented ABSORBENCY POCKETS*, so users need fewer towels to dry their hands. The result: more towels left in the dispenser, more time between refills, less paper waste and, in many cases, less cost for your business.