Smartstock Tri Tower Dispenser Black

The new Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® is a fully enclosed, touchless dispenser. The high capacity dispensers holds up the 390 utensils, and its one-at-a-time, automatic dispensing ensures the user only touches the cutlery they use. The innovation solution can improve hygiene, reduce waste, all while leaving your counterspace looking clean and organized. Upgrade your image with a custom skin that showcases your brand message.
  • Features
  • Promotes good hygiene – fully enclosed design protects cutlery from contaminants
  • Speeds up restocking - just load the refill, insert, rip, pull and you're done in seconds
  • Frees up valuable counter space - sized just right to keep things looking neat and organized
  • Gives you greater efficiency - a clean and simple alternative to open cutlery bins
  • Yellow, Green indicators quickly show which refills are needed
  • Can help earn LEED credits
  • One-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce total usage