Stikit Paper Refill Roll 426U 2.5X80 10/Bx

MMM27811 MFG #: 7000028209
The open coat abrasive of 3M(TM) Stikit(TM) Paper Roll 426U is fast cutting, load resistant, and creates a smoother finish than aluminum oxide or garnet abrasives. Sized to accommodate various sanding blocks, our 3M(TM) Stikit(TM) Paper Roll 426U minimizes waste and provides bulk stock for high production environments. To enhance handling for sanding and finishing, our Stikit(TM) PSA backing holds the product securely during use and provides quick and easy change out when the product is worn out. Other applications include general sanding, finishing, blending, surface leveling and prep prior to staining or painting, clear coat dulling, and bare wood sanding. Silicon carbide is a synthetic mineral that is very sharp and commonly used for final finishing in white wood sanding. While it breaks down faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a superior finish. Our 3M(TM) Stikit(TM) products are designed to handle a wide range of sanding and finishing needs. These high-quality abrasive products come ready to use with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on the backside so they conveniently press on to a backup pad or hand pad, and remove cleanly, leaving an uncontaminated surface for the next shee