Spitfire® Super Concentrated Power Cleaner, 2.5 L, J-Fill, 2/Case

DVY95892221 MFG #: 95892221
  • Color: Red
  • Fragrance: Pine
  • pH: 13.6
Super-strength formula eliminates grease, petroleum and food soils. This powerful cleaner works on the toughest dirt, grime and stains on a wide variety of surfaces. Lightly scented and pleasant to use, this no-rinse formula leaves no residue. Red in color with a fresh pine scent.
  • Features
  • Heavy duty formula removes toughest grease, oil, tire marks, ink, graffiti, and heel marks without leaving residue or streaks behind
  • Conveniently available in Ready-to-Use
  • Premium performance, solvent based surface cleaner
  • Red in color with fresh pine scent
  • Small job convenience, portability, less flammable than aerosols