T-RX Terrazzo Solution 1 Gallon (3 per case)

ESI00152 MFG #: 00152
  • Color: Opaque White
  • Fragrance: Bland
  • pH: 8.65

The problem with traditional finish or densifier-based diamond pad systems is the rapid appearance of cowpathing. Cowpathing occurs because the polymers in these systems scuff off the floor with foot traffic. The less durable architecture of these products is what allows the coating to degrade through scuffing. If you looked under a microscope, these polymers look like distinct little tangles of urethane and/or acrylic held together by relatively weak hydrogen bonds. These weaker bonds are not strong enough to stand up to heavy traffic and the polymers are quickly removed from teh surface of the floor to create cowpathing. 

T-Rx uses IPN technology, or Interpenetrating Polymer Networks, a completely different architecture. In IPNs, long strands of urethane and acrylic polymers are interwoven and then welded together. The dense "weave-weld" architecture gives teh T-Rx polymer tremendous strength and chemical resistance. 

Because the polymers in T-Rx are woven and welded together, they are much harder to scuff off the floor, so there's no cowpathing; the coating remains glossy and uniform in its appearance for up to a year or more, depending on traffic. The T-Rx IPN architecture has nother major advantage, it's extremely resistant to chemical and water staining. Chemicals simply can't get through the dense weave-weld matrix. 

  • Features
  • Incredible Stain Resistance
  • UV-Stable
  • Restores Terrazzo Color
  • Extremely resistant to cowpathing, scratching and scuffing, dirt penetration, and black heel marks
  • Eliminates the need for stripping
  • No densifiers or restorers needed
  • Applies like a floor finish