DSC42394 MFG #: 42394
Leather can be challenging for the professional cleaner to restore, maintain, and preserve. The more frequent maintenance schedule will produce superior appearance, wear, and performance. Finished leather is usually cleanable. Extreme care should be used when cleaning unfinished leather. Pre-inspection with your customer present will assure a satisfied patron. Soil naturally hides and covers blemishes, cracks, cuts, and imperfections, dye loss, and fading. Conduct a water test. Absorption indicates unfinished leather, lack of, finished leather. Colorfast tests usually produce some color loss due to excessive dye processes. Unusual loss should be handled with care. Sure-Pass can be used as a pre-spray in heavily soiled areas. Tanner’s unique formula blends cleaners to dissolve soils, conditioners to restore pliability resisting cracking and scuffing, and Fibre-Tec protector to resist staining, and extend life. Does not contain silicone of d’Limonene.