TASKI® swingo® 150E AS NA, 1 ea, , 1/CT

TKID7524131 MFG #: D7524131
The functional design of the TASKI swingo 150 E machine is similar to conventional upright-vacs; the machine requires limited training and is simple to use. The preparation time for cleaning is less than 60 seconds. With a light weight of 24-lbs (11-kg) in total and only 3-lbs (1-kg) handle weight with a full tank, the machine can be easily pulled in any direction.
  • Features
  • The new gravity fed auto scrubber automatically powers off when the tank is full, preventing moisture from contacting the vacuum motor and prolonging the life of the machine.
  • With a functional design similar to conventional upright vacuums, this machine requires limited training and is simple to use.
  • A 1,7 rpm brush speed and brush pressure ten times higher than manual cleaning efforts ensures the best cleaning results.
  • The industry leading suction unit results in perfectly dry floors in both directions; cleaned areas can be used immediately and safety is improved by reducing the risk of slip-fall accidents.
  • The auto scrubber is easy to store and will fit in small spaces; the comfortable handle and lightweight design makes it easy to lift, transport or move in any direction.