Documented Cost Savings

Nichols Documented Cost Savings 2020

Nichols has historically provided cost-savings for our customers, totaling over $1.3 million in 2019. We’ve recently formalized the process to ensure consistent delivery of this core “You First” deliverable.

The NICHOLS DCS tool set enables our team to consistently deliver best practice scenarios that save our customers not just on the price of the products but more importantly on the cost of doing business, the improvement of health and hygiene in their facilities, protection of their brand and image, productivity of their teams and of course, supporting impactful sustainability initiatives. By obtaining customer signatures on our Cost Savings Agreements, we insure strong partnerships and strategic alignment.

We show just a few project examples on the carousel above, but you can click on the evolving list to the right to see more of the many ways we help our customers improve their bottom line.

  • K-12 School switched their disinfecting process to Purell Food Service Surface Disinfectant. By saving five minutes per fill process and 30 minutes per lunch hour on table rinsing, each school achieved labor savings 475 minutes per week! Annualized Savings of $79,000 per building.
  • Higher Education account reduced paper hand towel waste with new dispensers. Annualized Savings of $21,000
  • Healthcare account replaced their manual flat mop system with the micro scrubber with SwingoBot455b from Taski Diversey. Annualized Labor Savings of $1,500
  • Manufacturing company was able to utilize Nichols ecommerce solution with their own product numbers, saving numerous hours of re-entry. Annualized Savings of $4,800
  • Lodging / Hospitality account was able to deploy a more economical solution in disposable gloves across their facilities. Annualized Savings of $67,500