5 Tips to Get the Most Out of the Super Coach Pro

ProTeam backpack vacuums improve productivity, comfort, and cleaning power when used correctly. One of our most popular backpack vacs, the Super Coach Pro, is available in two sizes to suit your needs, six-quart and 10-quart. Regardless of which size you use, here are 5 tips to get the most out of this powerful vacuum. 

1. Find the Perfect Fit for the User 

A critical part of using the Super Coach Pro is to adjust the straps of the unit to the user before operating it. The weight of the vacuum should sit on the hips of the user. A poor fitting backpack vacuum creates fatigue of the neck, shoulders, and back. Watch this video to get the perfect fit. 

2. Use the Wand Properly 

The user should allow the vacuum to work for them by keeping the wand as close to the body as possible. The further the wand gets away from the body, the more likely the user will get fatigued. 

use wand properly proteam

3. Care for the Cord 

The user should be trained to do a safety check of the 50’ cord before using the backpack vacuum. If they see a cut in the cord, exposed wires, or a missing ground, the cord should not be used. Properly wrapping the vacuum cord helps eliminate frustration in the long run. Never allow the cord to get tight while wrapping it. Instead, allow the cord to drop from the palm of the hand freely. Additionally, be sure to wipe the cord down after every use, so it does not move dirt around the facility. 

In this video, an (OS1) trainer shows the proper technique for wrapping a 50’ cord. 

4. Check and Maintain Filters 

The Super Coach Pro captures unwanted matter with ProLevel Filtration, creating a cleaner environment. Make sure you understand all of the vacuum’s filters. The Intercept Micro Filter, Micro Cloth Filter, Pre-Motor Dome Filter, and Post-Motor HEPA Media Filter all need preventative maintenance for the vacuum to work efficiently. 

Super Coach Pro ProLevel Filtration

Date the Intercept Micro Filter Bag to indicate when it expires. Replace the Micro Cloth filter when light no longer comes through the perforations. Clean the Dome filter after each use and replace the HEPA Media exhaust filters every few months. The backpack vacuum works though airflow, so never cover the HEPA Media exhaust filters during use. 

5. Stay Away from Moisture 

Never use the Super Coach Pro backpack vacuum on any wet surface. Building entrance matting can get wet from snow and rainfall tracked inside, so do not use the backpack vacuum to clean these areas. If the user vacuums moisture accidentally, he or she should immediately stop and replace the filters. 

proteam stay away moisture