Are you Ready to Go Green?

Going GREEN does not mean that you are required to buy a machine from Highlight Industries.  Although, one might ask why you wouldn't want to buy from the people who understand the science behind Stretch Wrapping products. Do you know that in many cases, by incorporating a new stretchwrapper into your process, you are reducing your carbon footprint.  It can be that simple.  How can that be?  Allow me to explain....

1. Many stretchwrappers that are in the field have some age on them.   Older machines, and some manufacturers do not take into consideration that film technologies have changed.  When pre-stretch first came out, we looked to stretch film (a petroleum based product with a wound paper core) 100% - 150% (10 inches of film off of the core was stretched into 20 inches - 25 inches prior to leaving the machine).  Then in the '80s and through the '90s everyone was cutting edge prestretching film 200% (10 inches into 30 inches).  Now although many people still use 200% film wants to be stretched closer to 300% (actually around 270% which is 10 inches into 37 inches).  Which means better effeciency in using the film and putting the film into its sweet spot.

2. With age you also have wear.  Even if you have a good machine that has the correct gears, have you maintained it well?  Have you ever used the term, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?  If so, you just may be part of the problem.  It really boils down to, are you maintaining your machines?  Poorly maintained machines will be less efficient than a well maintained unit.

3. Have you had a professional actually do a wrap evaluation?  I spoke with someone who told me that they check their customers machine every month.  Then change the settings to a level that they determined was best in the last , "who knows when".  That is great until one thing is changed after they leave.  The primary rule in most everything is , "You change one thing, you have changed everything".  So for a month, the customer is inefficient and then for most of a day he is good.

SO before I get too wordy and preach from my soap box, allow me to get to the point. Contact your Nichols Sales Rep or email us at [email protected] and we will connect you with someone trained to show you how much of a savings (in both cost per pallet wrapped and carbon emissions) you can have.  We will create a personalized ROI inclusive of gallons of oil saved, pounds of paper reduced and the reduction in your carbon footprint. 
Heck, you may even really "Go Green" and buy a machine from Highlight Industries after you find out that you have paid for one (through using excessive film amounts) but do not have the joy of using one.

If nothing else, we will help you confirm that you are doing things right, or you can do better with no sales tricks just using science.
Until next time.....Good Wrapping!