COVID-19 Supply Chain Updates

Dear Valued Partner,

Over the past several decades, customers like yourself have trusted Nichols to keep their facilities clean and healthy and to safely ship their products and for this we feel truly privileged and thankful for the partnership and relationship. As the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is upon us, we will continue to do everything in our power to continue to keep YOU FIRST. Because of these unprecedented times, there are a few very important announcements that we must inform you of:

Inventory and Fulfillment

We are experiencing extremely high demands for any products that aide in the fight against COVID-19 spreading such disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals, masks, hand sanitizer, soaps, paper products, gloves, and other related products. Because of this, we either have limited or backordered inventory on many of these products. Our manufactures of these products have placed us along with all suppliers on allocation. What this means is we are only able to receive a limited amount of supply from them and we must in turn allocate it to our customer’s orders. We are still accepting orders for these products in reasonable quantities however we will be allocating to customers in the greatest need such as healthcare and nursing homes and to customers who normally order the products within reasonable quantities. We will do our best to fulfill your order as inventory allows.


These conditions do require us to evaluate our policies to ensure we are serving all customers effectively. We will not be accepting any returns on these items on orders placed March 3, 2020 or later.

We appreciate your patience and continued support and would like to say again, thank you, for the opportunity to be the supplier of choice during this time. For any immediate questions or concerns please contact your sales or customer service representative.


Your Nichols Team