Coronavirus Update: #BetterTogether 3/24/2020

Nichols Coronavirus Update: #BetterTogether

Dear Valued Nichols customers,

This week we see the unprecedented closure of all nonessential businesses throughout the entire Nichols service area. Please rest assured if you are one of the essential businesses that is remaining open that Nichols will also be #H2H (here to help).

We will remain open for business delivering Solutions for Clean and Healthy Facilities to other essential organizations such as those in healthcare, grocery, food processing, and building services contractors who service the critical needs of our country.

Updates this week:

  • Allocations prioritizing critical industries continue.
  • Manufacturers recommend conservation of quart bottles and trigger sprayers for disinfectants.
  • Nichols launches coronavirus central webpage #BetterTogether.

As announced last week, Nichols and all manufacturers supplying items crucial to fighting the coronavirus pandemic are prioritizing orders for healthcare and first responders. We are doing everything we can to keep the supply chain as efficient as possible for all essential industries that are still open, while also employing social distancing, proper hand hygiene and escalated cleaning protocols within our facilities to keep our associates safe and healthy.

Several of our chemical manufacturers are scaling back on inclusion of trigger sprayers and secondary quart bottles due to reduced supply constriction. Please institute protocols within your cleaning operations to reuse the quart bottles used with your dilution control systems as well as trigger sprayers that you already have wherever possible. Of course be sure you are using appropriate secondary labels and following the instructions for each product.

The Nichols website now features a centralized page for accessing all coronavirus information.

This page currently features four primary links.

1 - An archive page for all of the Nichols Coronavirus customer communications. This page has all information regarding policy updates.

2 - A page featuring numerous industry resources from key Nichols vendors. This page offers numerous downloads of helpful posters, educational materials, and more. Also offers link to EPA registered disinfectants effective against Coronavirus.

3 - One of these links is still a resource in development. We anticipate by next week’s launching a full program for assisting our customers and other essential businesses with signage, placards, badges and posters to promote infection prevention and control measures.

4 - A page dedicated to informing you how to reach out to the Nichols equipment service team should you need to. Our technicians are being very creative in meeting the needs of customers in this crucial time.

We will keep these pages up-to-date with the latest information but we also encourage you to follow us on social media channels for other educational and real time updates. These links are at the top of the Nichols website.

Be Well!