Happy Independence Day from Nichols!

From local parades to iconic fireworks and long days at the beach to grilled hot dogs and cold lemonade, the 4th of July holds beloved traditions for many. This year we will celebrate the 247th anniversary of United States Independence.

To celebrate Independence Day this year, we’ve decided to bring you a short list of fun facts you may not know about the American holiday.

  1. Fireworks have been a tradition since the first Independence Day in 1777. These firework celebrations took place in Philadelphia, as well as many other major U.S. cities at the time.
  2. While the Declaration of Independence is often associated with July 4th, most of the delegates did not actually sign the document until August 2, 1776.
  3. The Liberty Bell – a symbol of American independence cracked on it’s very first test ring when it arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1751.
  4. Independence Day has only been recognized as a national holiday since 1870. However, only since 1941 has the holiday been a paid holiday for federal employees.
  5. Two future United States Presidents signed the Declaration of Independence: John Adams who became the second president of the United States and Thomas Jefferson, who would become the third.
  6. The Statue of Liberty, an iconic statue symbolizing America’s freedom is holding a tablet with the date July 4, 1776, engraved on it.
  7. The 30th president of the United States – Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872.

We hope that you enjoy your holiday with your holiday however you choose to celebrate.

Our offices will be closed Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.