NES is Here to Help!

During this challenging time, we as a society are finding out that things we took for granted are now done a little bit different than just a month ago. A simple task like dropping off a vacuum for repair now has several steps before it even enters the building. This is because the health and safety of our customers and associates is more important than ever and the extra steps are needed. It is important to understand how necessary it is to keep all floor cleaning equipment operational and maintained so it performs its task with exceptional results. Equipment at its highest performance will make your job easier and will help you maintain your building cleaner.

Here at Nichols, our Equipment Service Department (NES) takes a lot of pride in our work, servicing the needs of any customer who walks through our doors. Our main goal is to resolve any machine issues and hope we exceed your expectations.  

Nichols has five service centers covering Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. Each of our locations have the skills, knowledge and parts to repair any make or model in our industry. We have the ability to service your machine onsite, following all the guidelines for COVID-19 and using a contact free service call. Again, safety is always our number one concern. Our technicians are equipped with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) like masks and gloves and will follow the 6 feet distance rule. If the repair is preferred offsite, we have a curbside pickup service where the machine can be picked up and repaired in the shop. After the repair, the customer is contacted for delivery arrangements and the machine is disinfected before returning.

One of the best aspects of NES is that we are here to help and offer advice to those difficult machine estimates, problems or issues. We have expertise at all of our locations and our technicians will listen and help provide a solution. Whether it is to repair the existing machine or possibly replace it with a newer or different model, we are always here to help because that’s how we roll at Nichols!