Protect Your Shipments

Some of the nation’s largest transportation companies have recommendations that are tried and true when it comes to surface protection and large bulky shipments. Many products, such as home furnishings, are now made overseas. So, they need to be packaged to withstand ocean transit.  Transportation can have extensive effects on the level of product damage, this includes everything from travel distance to road conditions. Shock and vibration can affect trailers, which combined with rough roads, can magnify the compressive stress on boxes by a factor of ten. Polyethylene (PE) foam can dampen the effects of vibration. This makes it an excellent protective packaging solution for products that may receive indelicate handling or involve long distance transportation.

At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned. Of those, 20% are returned because they were received with damage.  

A Fully Customizable Solution

PE foam is used in a variety of industries including the electronics, furniture, cabinetry, appliance, and automotive industries. This is because, like corrugate packaging, foam is easily customizable and on-abrasive. Laminated Foam Solutions come in different film thicknesses, offering customized strength, combined with different foam thicknesses for a fully customizable solution. It is also reusable, which can cut costs for products that are created and assembled in different locations. This makes PE foam an affordable solution for many businesses.

Customer Peace of Mind

Foam is one of the best ways to secure products for shipping, but it’s not all about protection. It adds a professional aspect to the packaging that can create a positive, trusting image in the consumers’ minds. Consumers will have future peace of mind knowing that their items will arrive safely and undamaged.

Laminated Foam Goes a Step Further

At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned. Of those, 20% are returned because they were received with damage. Foam and Laminated Foam solutions (including Cohesive and Adhesive alternatives) exist to help reduce shipment damage. Your company won’t need to worry about your products getting scratched, dented, or damaged. It combines the cushioning of foam with a film laminated to the back side for strength. This imparts greater resistance to puncture and enhances ability to withstand tearing and scraping, which will allow the use of thinner foams. Thinner foams mean less foam is needed and a smaller warehouse footprint overall. One roll of Polyair 1/32” Lamifoam has the ability to replace multiple rolls of standard foam. It provides affordability and strength, while offering peace of mind and a positive image to consumers.