What does Matting say about your Facility?

Let’s think like a detective for a second. When you arrive at a business, what is one of the first indicators that a company cares about its occupants? Matting! When you walk up to the building and see a nice Scraper mat outside the entry, it’s likely that it will be followed by two more commercial mats as you walk through the doors. 

Why is that a good feeling? Well, if you’re not sure… we’ll clue youImage of the SuperScrape Plus blog outside of a building entrance. in. Having the proper commercial mats in place means that the facility manager cares about entrant safety. Proper entryway matting is designed to help prevent slips and falls.

Reducing the likelihood of slips and falls is the best reason you could have for securing mats for your business, but what if we told you there are four more great reasons to obtain matting? Read more.

We’re here to remind you that it’s not just “placing a mat.” You are showing customers you care, and that you value their safety. Not to mention, you will receive a great return on investment as a result of the benefits that mats provide.

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