Are YOU Ensuring Employee Success with Training?

According to Best Selling Business Author Don Peppers, “…your employees aren’t really “resources” for your company. Your employees are your company”.  His recent LinkedIn article, “Harness the Power of Diverse Ideas by Relying on Engaged Employees” is a great reminder to keep hourly employees engaged in your mission and involved in problem solving. “So what have you done recently to ensure the success of your own employees?” Offering training opportunities is a primary key to employee success!

We are here to help. Nichols recently hosted one of our three Open Houses for this year. Over 200 customers attended. Over 100 customers took advantage of eight different training opportunities/ educational seminars that were available to them. Further, a nice percentage of these accounts actually brought line level employees to expand their knowledge of processes, products and problem solving. (However, a good portion also only sent management/ownership. Perhaps missing an opportunity to impact their individual employees, team, environment, customers and bottom line?)

The Training Challenge.

Yes it is challenging to take employees away from their day-to-day job, but it is critical to growth in so many ways!

  • Off-site events encourage team bonding, increasing employee engagement
  • Investing in training for your team shows you are vested in their professional development
  • Making time for your team to learn and grow reinforces that what they do is important
  • Better trained teams have lower turnover, and therefore directly impact the bottom line
  • Training increases on-the-job quality and efficiency AND therefore, customer satisfaction
  • …. and the Nichols Promise of I.K.E. makes it easy for you!

While one action packed day is behind us, we invite our customers around the Detroit area and those in Western Michigan to plan your Training for 2017! Pick a few star players or rookies with promise,  register them on our events pages, and let’s spread the wealth of knowledge!

The Rochester Hills Open House is June 14th from 10-2, offering several great seminars and many new innovations from our vendors (plus prizes and lunch!).

And plan ahead now for the October 19th event in Western Michigan… at our Corporate Headquarters in Norton Shores.