Being Prepared… it’s not too late.

While we have a whole week until it is official, we all know winter is already here to stay, and with it, these oh so fun ice and snow storms.

The only thing weather experts agree on is that there is no way to tell what this winter will bring. One thing the Nichols team agrees on is that we can help you with the winter weather supplies you need to keep your sidewalks and floors safe and shiny!

When ordering ice melt, it is important to look at historical data, rather than just last year’s weather. It is also very important to purchase quality products and be able to stay prepared.

Your ice melt is a little like insurance, and it can be one of those things you don’t need until you don’t have it. Most days, basic coverage will be just fine, but you’re going to want the best there is when it gets bad. It is also important to keep in mind that the cheapest ice melt will do no good if you just have to keep throwing more on the ground for it to work. Buildings, landscapes, and flooring are all affected by the quality of ice melt you use as well.

With many buildings, the slow down around the holidays is a great time to do a mid-season thorough clean and polish of your floors, there are a few products that Nichols carries that can help clean up your ice melt. For starters, our Ice Melt Remover will remove ice melt residue, hard water buildup, and soap haze from many surfaces. It’s not the only product that can work wonders on your floors throughout the rough winter. If you are worried about coated floors, rest assured our Nichols Brand Premium Neutral Floor Cleaner can be safely used without harming the finish.

Finally, be sure you have sufficient entry way matting in place to help protect your floors and your building occupants. Because the slip and fall is only funny for a few seconds, and the potential for lasting damage far outweighs the cost of being prepared.  Be sure to reach out to your Nichols representative or our customer service team if you need to get your order in for any of the above.