The Benefits of Using an Autoscrubber

It’s really no secret—hard floor care takes a lot of time and effort. Hard floors really should be cleaned at least once per day, sometimes even more often in high-traffic areas. Traditionally, this has been done with a mop, bucket, and a person willing to do the work. This method has worked for generations, however, it takes a lot of time to do it the old-fashioned way, risk of a fall is higher, as you must wait for the floors to dry, and human error can make it easy to miss a spot or two along the way.

A more efficient alternative, the automatic floor scrubber makes hard floor care much faster and easier. In fact, a 20-inch walk behind scrubber can clean nearly 10x faster than someone with a mop and bucket. Not only that, but an autoscrubber also vacuums up excess water and chemical along with debris, shortening dry time on your floor and reducing risk of a slip and fall.

While mops and buckets are a less-expensive alternative, they really aren’t too precise when it comes to cleaning. If your mop picks up debris, it then spreads it to other areas in your facilities. Because autoscrubbers have separate solution and recovery tanks, for clean and dirty water, respectively, none of those germs are going back onto the floor and your floors end up being cleaner in the long run.

Finally, with a shortage of labor in this industry, you’ll want to maximize every second your cleaning crew is on the clock. Some of the newer models of autoscrubbers are completely autonomous, meaning they don’t require a rider to operate and can instead clean in a predetermined pattern and timing that’s best for your facility. This means your human workers can focus on areas that might not receive as much attention as the floor.

If you’re looking to maximize your hard floor care efficiency, look no further than Nichols! Please reach out to your Nichols Sales Representative if you have any questions, would like a demo, or are interested in making a purchase.